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March 17, 2012
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Trigger Warnings by Foedus-Stamps Trigger Warnings by Foedus-Stamps
I have a keen dislike for 'trigger warnings', because in all honesty, the people who put trigger warnings put them up for stupid shit. OMG theres BLOOD. Trigger Warning. OMG RAPE SAID THE WORD RAPE. Trigger Warning. OMG SEX. Trigger Warning. OMG JESUS HATE. Trigger Warning.

In all honesty, and in my opinion, they should just rename all the triggers in one thing.


You were raped, it was painful, I get that, but if you are going to flail and go into a full blown episode because someone said the word online, you really, really need to get mental help for it. I'm not saying it to be a dick, I'm saying it because you NEED IT.

And fuck, if I have to put a trigger on the word rape, go to each and every Yaoi-fucktard and tell them to do the same.

Yeah, I admit I don't like certain topics. Does that mean I need a trigger warning? Fuck no. And we already have a 'Mature' tag for things such as sex and violence, so if you're going to be AFFECTED by those things, why the fuck are you LOOKING at them..

Now, someone's probably going to go 'BUT WAH POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER'. Yeah. I have it. But I get help for it. I don't flail and wail online about how a picture of a dying soldier sent me into a psychotic breakdown. In fact, it rarely does that at all anymore.


Easy, I got help.

Point I'm trying to Make?: If you're being affected by something to the point you need a 'trigger warning?' don't baw and bitch at the people who are 'causing the trigger'. Get help for it, because obviously you have some serious, unresolved issues.
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ivory-phills Feb 19, 2014  Student General Artist
Hopefully you won't get into the profession or entertaining world, because literally everything that you see have trigger warnings. Why? Maybe for some, it's because they don't want responsibility for causing someone a massive attack or breakdown, but others are just- I don't know- decent human beings who don't get a twisted pleasure out of letting people who are easily triggered go through panic attacks or who aren't so immature and edgy-wannabe and think being a decent human being is too "PC" or "liberal" for them.

And from what I see, those who have triggers AVOID anything triggering at all costs- like the yaoi stuff you so eloquently mentioned with your use of ableist slurs- but people like you plaster triggering stuff willy-nilly and get pissed when people hate you for sending them into a panic attack.
corsolareef Sep 6, 2013  Student General Artist
yes because you, a singular person, have the right to speak for everyone in the world with ptsd.
if it was easy for you to get over just through help, then youre pretty damn lucky because most people with ptsd struggle for most of their lives.
besides, trigger warnings ARE for people who need serious help. 
its not a matter of 'catering' to people, its about being a decent human being
Trigger warnings ARE for people who need mental help. Trigger warnings are for people who are trying to recover from psychological issues and are in the process of "Getting help". Trigger warnings are for people who are still at the stage of mental illness where something as seemingly insignificant a word, act or description of an act can literally trigger a panic attack. 
FlamingClaw Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fucking love this stamp, mate.
I've been through trauma, a lot of people I know have been through WORSE trauma, but the internet is a place where ANYTHING can be shared. That includes "trigger" material. REAL LIFE DOESN'T COME WITH TRIGGER WARNINGS. If you can't handle it, you should get off the internet and seek psychiatric treatment for what is obviously a debilitating disorder.
Cammi0 Oct 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:clap: THANK YOU!
S3NT13NTGL1TCH Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
One could argue that trigger warnings themselves are triggering, lol. But seriously, these warnings seem to assume that all survivors are feeble-minded, fragile little creatures who couldn't *possibly* move on from their traumatic circumstances. It's condescending at best and I hope they go away so that the rest of us don't have to tip-toe around certain topics of discussion.
I agree to some level :U Like for instance, I can go into flashbacks or a panic attack if I see, say, a bullying scene or it's a subject of discussion and something hits home (yes, I know it's silly of me to react like that...), but I wouldn't baw at people for not saying "TW BULLYING" or expect them to do so..
Although, with the well known ones such as any kind of abuse, I suppose most people would expect the submitter to at least say "this will discuss abuse"... just to warn them. Even when getting help, they might still relapse or something. I won't go into the fact that some people find it hard to get some form of help :/
(oh god I don't usually do posts like this sorry for offending anyone)
by-the-dickens Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg u so edgy and cool well dun
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