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January 2, 2012
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Nothing Wrong With It by Foedus-Stamps Nothing Wrong With It by Foedus-Stamps
There is nothing wrong with Innocent Fascination on the subject of World War 2 German History.

I personally collect artifacts, historical items, and propaganda posters and such, I also perform in war reenactments and am a volunteer in a group that strives to preserve all history , whether it be the enemy's or the victor's.

I've always been fascinated by Nazi history because not only was my family a part of it, but because much of it is so shrouded in controversy and distaste, that people are most of the time ignorant of the truth.

There WERE gay nazi soldiers.

Himmler was on a grander scale worse than Hitler in the 'crazy' department.

They were the prime creators of the Volkswagen. (you'd be surprised how many people don't know that)

Despite the atrocious ills that they commited upon humanity and the world, they had successfully pulled their country from a detrimental and lethal depression, and became close to a superpower nearly overnight.

Despite the atrocious ills they committed upon twins and children, the Medical studies that were produced greatly aided the world.

What many people don't know.

Germany wasn't the only one who had Concentration camps. The United States created many for Japanese American citizens after Pearl Harbor, while they did not exterminate, they were brutal and heinously vile towards the people within them.

Germany was damn close to creating the atomic bomb before the United States.

Their studies helped create the fighter planes that we have today.

I just wish people would remember that it wasn't the Nazi grunts who were evil, but the people at the puppet strings. But hell, I'm the kind of person who will sympathize with any enemy I hold.

I greatly respected my enemy in the Iraq War, because they were fighting for something they believed wholly in. That, I can't help but admire.


What I do hate are neo-nazis, you know, the ones who are absolutely fucking disgusting. I don't think they realize that Hitler would probably find them severely repulsive. Severely so. In all honesty, half of them look like overgrown, inbred babies.

THere is a difference with fascination with the History, and fascination with being a dumbfuck.
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Flying-Dutchmann Featured By Owner Edited 2 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
Some people I know think that because I think Germany is a great country (They've come a LONG way from WW2), it automatically means I like Hitler.
Oh yes, me, where my family's native country was invaded on his command, where a good number of my family members helped out in th Resistance.
Oh yes, me, a Nazi -_-
(But seriously, it vexes me how some people jump to conclusions too much)
SythraNightshade Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It always start with 'innocent fascination' and then suddenly you end up in jail. Well as long as people don't post propaganda with swakistas and other similar symbols everything is all right, I guess.

Propaganda is illegal here.
DaBair Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I hate neo-Nazis too. It's a disgrace.

Russian neo-Nazis should be fucking ashamed of their fucking selves.
ComannderrX Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014
me too
Some-strange-folk Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
You forgot about the Nazi Blitzkrieg tactic we use in the American military today.
Kegger98 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
But do the ends justify the means?
BlackbirdRedshield Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013

This reminds me of the time I said something about how many soldiers followed Hitler because they thought they could make the world and their country better AND that some of their (atrocious) experiments were meant to help humanity (though they went about it wrong). In a Holocaust museum. I got glared at as if I were Hitler himself for the rest of the day.


It doesn't help that my mom and stepdad know I'm into researching Nazi military leaders. (And my stepdad's personal creed seems to be "FUCK THE NAZIS" because he once dated a Jewish girl.)

Flying-Dutchmann Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I know how you feel 
Triphon Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013
When I look at the nazis, I can conclude that human stupidity is quite fascinating indeed.
The more I look at them the more I wonder how such grotesque murderous clowns got 40% of the German votes!

PS: Any prisonner from Auschwitz/Birkenau/Dachau/Buchenwaldwould have done anything to exchange his/her place with an American camp's Japanese inmate. Even without the factories' sabotage, Germany's ressources would have never been enough to make the A bomb before the end of war, a large amount of Germany's brightest scientists fled their country when the nazis arrived (so long for scientific advance). And I'd like some facts about the true medical advances made only from tortured "patients".

BTW I'm part German. And as much as I know that the "Nazi grunts" were normal human beings (hell, even Himmler was a happy fella at times!), I also know that loving their family, playing Mozart or singing Schubert didn't prevent them from raping women, shooting children and looting and burning villages all across Europe. I wouldn't wish anyone to fall into the hands of these "humans".
Adam-Walker Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Student Writer
I think that sometimes humanity can be interesting especially with the Nazis as well as war criminals, communists, dictators and what have you.
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